Child Mind Institute 2015 Annual Report
(Reporting as of September 30, 2015)



“The Child Mind Institute has been incredibly helpful in our journey with Sam. I just see so many things transforming for him in his life. I’m really glad we’re here.”

– Mara, Sam’s mother

Clinical Care/Direct Services

The Child Mind Institute's clinical program uses cutting-edge diagnostic tools and treatments informed by the latest research. We are pioneering more intensive therapies, working with children more frequently and in real life situations. Our services expand beyond the walls of our clinical practice on 56th Street into schools and communities to ensure we are reaching children when and where they need it most. Thanks to our supporters, we have awarded $3 million in financial aid since 2011 to families in need.

Achievements in FY15:

  • Awarded $505,262 in financial aid to 210 families to ensure no child was denied the care they need
  • Launched the School-Based Mental Health Safety Net at KIPP NYC and Harlem Village Academy charter schools thanks to a generous grant from the Robin Hood Foundation
  • Through our Teacher Professional Development Partnership, provided Teach for America with 5 trainings (132 attendees) to help teachers learn how to help students cope with adversity
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“We are in the golden age of discovery in neuroscience and it’s going to be accelerated from places like the Child Mind Institute, which are marrying all the science necessary to understand brain and behavior.”

– Patrick Kennedy
Former U.S. Representative, Rhode Island

Science and Innovation

The study of brain development is the single most important route to improved diagnostic tools and treatments for childhood mental health and learning disorders. That’s why at the Child Mind Institute we are using big data and open science to accelerate the pace of discovery. This past year, we embarked on an unprecedented community-based research initiative, the Healthy Brain Network, to collect imaging and clinical data from 10,000 young people – and share this data with the global scientific community.

Achievements in FY15:

  • Launched the Healthy Brain Network in Spring 2015, establishing the first Research Center in Staten Island
  • Welcomed NY Jet Brandon Marshall and his wife, Michi, as Healthy Brain Network ambassadors
  • Joined the Staten Island Yankees to host Healthy Brain Network Day on July 4, 2015 to raise awareness about the project
  • Welcomed renowned population neuroscientist Dr. Tomáš Paus to the Child Mind Institute research staff as the inaugural Dr. John and Consuela Phelan Scholar
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“There’s definitely stigma around mental health. If you are in any way different, it’s thought that you are deficient. Mental health is like physical health, is like spiritual health, is like health. Mental health is health.”

– Kristin Carothers
PhD, Clinical Psychologist
ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center

Public Education and Outreach

The Child Mind Institute empowers families, educators and communities to take action by sharing unbiased information that fosters open, honest conversations. Our website offers the latest insights from leading experts to help parents make good decisions for their children, and our educational campaigns battle stigma and create change. We partner with other organizations working to ensure that every child has the chance to succeed in school and in life.

Achievements in FY15:

  • Honored leaders and community members who have inspired change in children’s mental health at the inaugural Change Maker Awards
  • Disseminated the first Children’s Mental Health Report, which was picked up by 241 websites and has been accessed 11,500 times on Facebook
  • Featured award-winning actress Lorraine Bracco at the 12th Annual Adam Katz Memorial Conversation where she shared her experience living with depression and dyslexia
  • Established content partnerships with Lands’ End and WebMD
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“A personal story has the power to help us understand a situation, to give us hope, and to inspire us to act.”

A Message from the Child Mind Institute

One in five children struggles with a mental health or learning disorder. That means there are more than 17 million children in the U.S. who are in need of help today. The numbers are overwhelming.

Behind the statistics, at the heart of the issue, are the stories of individual children. At the Child Mind Institute we are committed to listening to these unique voices and helping each child turn his or her story of struggle into one of triumph. Each day our team works to deliver exceptional care, advance the science of the developing brain, and empower families and communities with information and resources to help transform children’s lives.

A personal story has the power to help us understand a situation, to give us hope and to inspire us to act. It is important for us to hear stories from those who are brave enough to share their struggles and process of recovery. We dedicate our 2015 Annual Report to these courageous people who motivate us to continue helping children reach their full potential, creating a brighter future for us all.

Brooke Garber Neidich

Chair, Board of Directors

Debra G. Perelman

Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Harold S. Koplewicz, MD


Statement of Financial Position

Child Mind Institute, Inc., and Child Mind Medical Practice, PLLC, Condensed Financial Information for the fiscal years ended September 30, 2015, and 2014.

2015 Child Mind Institute, Inc. Child Mind Medical Practice, PLLC Total
Assets $18,946,694 $1,451,833 $20,398,527
Liabilities $1,808,600 $2,826,393 $4,634,993
Net Assets $17,138,094 $(1,374,560) $15,763,534
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $18,946,694 $1,451,833 $20,398,527
2014 Child Mind Institute, Inc. Child Mind Medical Practice, PLLC Total
Assets $19,307,074 $569,343 $19,876,417
Liabilities $2,047,453 $2,741,867 $4,789,320
Net Assets $17,259,621 $(2,172,524) $15,087,097
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $19,307,074 $569,343 $19,876,417
Child Mind Institute, Inc., and Child Mind Medical Practice, PLLC, were audited for the fiscal years ended September 30, 2015, and 2014 by EisnerAmper LLP. The Audited Financial Statements are available on our website.

Statement of Activities

2015 Child Mind Institute, Inc. Child Mind Medical Practice, PLLC Total
Foundation, Corporations and Individuals $6,039,827 $ — $6,039,827
Special Event Revenue $4,512,271 $ — $4,512,271
Patient Service Revenue $ — $9,314,227 $9,314,227
Other Revenue $662,538 $713,381 $1,375,919
Total Revenue $11,214,636 $10,027,608 $21,242,244
Program Activities $7,752,921 $7,138,457 $14,891,378
Supporting Services $3,583,242 $2,072,205 $5,655,447
Total Expenses $11,336,163 $9,210,662 $20,546,825
Change in Net Assets $(121,527) $816,946 $695,419
Income Tax (Benefit) $ — $18,982 $18,982
Net Assets at Beginning of Year $17,259,621 $(2,172,524) $15,087,097
Net Assets at End of Year $17,138,094 $(1,374,560) $15,763,534
2014 Child Mind Institute, Inc. Child Mind Medical Practice, PLLC Total
Foundation, Corporations and Individuals $5,993,285 $ — $5,993,285
Special Event Revenue $5,557,646 $ — $5,557,646
Patient Service Revenue $ — $7,923,422 $7,923,422
Other Revenue $655,884 $351,080 $1,006,964
Total Revenue $12,206,815 $8,274,502 $20,481,317
Program Activities $5,978,663 $6,711,326 $12,689,989
Supporting Services $3,634,062 $2,071,622 $5,705,684
Total Expenses $9,612,725 $8,782,948 $18,395,673
Change in Net Assets $2,594,090 $(508,446) $2,085,644
Income Tax (Benefit) $ — $7,595 $7,595
Net Assets at Beginning of Year $14,665,531 $(1,656,483) $13,009,048
Net Assets at End of Year $17,259,621 $(2,172,524) $15,087,097

The powerful stories of hope we see each day are made possible by the commitment of our donors. Thanks to the generosity of the supporters below, our evidence-based care, innovative research, free resources and awareness campaigns have helped thousands of children when and where they need it most.

October 1, 2014–September 30, 2015

Leader ($100,000+)

  • Andrew Family Charitable Foundation
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • Phyllis Green and Randolph Cōwen
  • Beth and Michael Fascitelli
  • Debra G. Perelman and Gideon M. Gil
  • Joan Granlund
  • Sarah and Geoffrey Gund
  • HealthCor Foundation Trust
  • Jericho Capital Asset Management
  • The John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation
  • Christine and Richard Mack
  • Julie and Edward Minskoff
  • The Mnuchin Foundation
  • Brooke Garber Neidich and Daniel Neidich
  • New York City Council
  • Konstantino Pantazopoulos
  • Amy and John Phelan
  • Eileen and Brian Riano
  • Linnea and George Roberts
  • Robin Hood Foundation
  • Abigail Pogrebin and David Shapiro
  • Sidney Garber Fine Jewelry
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation
  • Min Sun
  • Preethi Krishna and Ram Sundaram
  • Wendy Svarre/Hunter Boot Ltd
Amy and John Phelan

Board members Amy and John Phelan established the Dr. John and Consuela Phelan Scholar with a generous gift of $750,000. Currently held by renowned population neuroscientist Dr. Tomáš Paus, the position brings a leading neuroscientist to the Child Mind Institute research team to advance our goals of understanding healthy brain development. The gift was made in memory of John’s parents. John said, “My mother was extremely supportive of my father’s medical career, which was primarily focused on how the brain affects behaviors and emotions. Amy and I are honored to memorialize my father’s passion for brain research through the pioneering work of Dr. Tomáš Paus and the Child Mind Institute.”

Benefactor ($50,000–$99,999)

  • Bloomingdale's
  • Lisa Domenico Brooke
  • Suzanne and Matthew Donohoe
  • Megan and Mark Dowley
  • Elaine Thomas and Joseph Healey
  • Joella and John Lykouretzos
  • Margaret M. Grieve/Grieve Family Funds
  • Ali Meli
  • The Melvin and Doris Sirow Foundation
  • Pam and William Michaelcheck
  • The Overbrook Foundation/The Altschul Family
  • The Poses Family Foundation
  • ROJ, Inc.
  • Drs. Gail and Leonard Saltz
  • The Schaps Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Silverstein
  • Nellie Chi and George Sing
  • Elizabeth and George Still
  • Ellen and Bill Taubman
  • Andrea Vella
  • Lucy and Toby Watson
Pam and William Michaelcheck

For the second consecutive year, Pam and William Michaelcheck provided a generous grant of $25,000 to fund the Child Mind Institute's 2015 Summer Internship Program. This competitive 12-week program embeds college and graduate-level students at the Child Mind Institute, working with clinicians, scientists, executives and children. The program fulfills the Child Mind Institute's mission by inspiring the next generation of exceptional clinicians and nonprofit leaders dedicated to helping children struggling with mental health and learning disorders.

Patron ($25,000–$49,999)

  • Cheryl and James Andrew
  • Laura and Lloyd Blankfein
  • Blavatnik Family Foundation
  • Linda and Arthur Carter
  • Eastdil Secured, LLC
  • Andrew L. Farkas, Island Capital Group,
    and C-III Capital Partners
  • George Link, Jr. Foundation
  • Justin Gmelich
  • Jennifer and Jonathan Harris
  • Helen & Irving Schneider Foundation
  • J. Ira and Nicki Harris Foundation
  • Ellen and Howard Katz
  • Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee
  • Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes
  • Kelli and Ricardo Mora
  • Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
  • Polk Bros. Foundation
  • Ruth and Robert Rosania
  • Mary Henry and Howard Rubin
  • Satter Foundation
  • Susan and Stephen Scherr
  • Marilyn and Jim Simons
  • SkyBridge Capital
  • Laura and Harry Slatkin
  • Katherine Farley and Jerry Speyer
  • Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
  • Titan Advisors, LLC
  • Elaine and Hillel Weinberger
George Link, Jr. Foundation

Since 2010, the George Link, Jr. Foundation has been among our most steadfast partners in connecting children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders to evidence-based treatment at the Child Mind Institute. In FY15, the Foundation granted $40,000 in support of our Financial Aid Fund, helping 80 families afford the high-quality treatment needed for their children to lead happy and healthy lives. We are immensely grateful for the Foundation’s unwavering partnership and commitment to our mission and the children and families we serve.

Sponsor ($10,000–$24,999)

  • Elaine and Hirschel Abelson
  • AHT Insurance
  • Tanya and Anilesh Ahuja
  • Jeanne Andlinger
  • Arthur & Claudia Cohen Family Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vivek and Sarika Bantwal
  • Stacy Bash-Polley
  • Avanish R. Bhavsar
  • Margaret S. Bilotti
  • BTIG
  • The Burke Family Foundation
  • Erica Jong and Kenneth Burrows
  • C-III Capital Partners
  • Thomas Connolly
  • The Honorable Alfonse D'Amato
  • Donny Deutsch
  • Donald R. Mullen Family Foundation
  • Abigail and Egon Durban
  • The Edward and Lucille Kimmel Foundation
  • Barbara and Norman Eig
  • James P. Esposito
  • Evercore ISI
  • Janet and Peter Ezersky
  • Steven Feldman
  • Carlos Fernandez-Aller
  • Todd and Christine Fisher
  • Fundación Punta Cana
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Mindy and Jon Gray
  • Annie and John Hall
  • Marty and David Hamamoto
  • William Helman
  • Jerome S. Karr
  • Anne Keating
  • Laurie Kefalidis
  • Josie and Jim Kelly
  • Laya Khadjavi
  • Kirkland and Ellis Foundation
  • Michael E. Koester
  • Linda and Alan Landis
  • Lands' End, Inc.
  • Andrew Goffe and Jeff Levin
  • Tammy and Jay Levine
  • Rachael and Marshal Levine
  • Lisa and Michael Schultz Foundation, Inc.
  • Nitzia and George Logothetis
  • Javier Macaya
  • May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Richard McNeil
  • Amy Tucker Meltzer and Jonathan Meltzer
  • Michael Aram, Inc.
  • Noel and Michele Moore and family
  • Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani
  • Lisa and Michael Movsas
  • Kate and Bob Niehaus
  • Pamela and Stuart Rothenberg Foundation
  • Perry Corp.
  • The Pershing Square Foundation
  • Kenneth A. Pontarelli
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Rasika and Girish Reddy
  • Richard and Susan P. Friedman Family Foundation
  • Kim and Ralph Rosenberg
  • Daryl and Steven Roth
  • Paul M. Russo
  • Julian C. Salisbury
  • Mitch Scherzer
  • Darren Schlanger
  • Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP
  • Ms. Deborah Harmon and Dr. Robert Seder
  • Scott Shleifer
  • Sandra K. Silver
  • Lulu and Ed Siskind
  • Antoinette Delruelle and Joshua L. Steiner
  • Allison and Leonard Stern
  • The Stewart J. Rahr Foundation
  • Alan Suna and Stuart Match Suna
  • Michael Teitler and John Teitler
  • The Van Wyck Estate Fund
  • Tishman Speyer
  • Christine and Thomas Tormey
  • Jeffrey Verschleiser
  • WebMD
  • Nina and Gary Wexler
  • Lynn and Elisha Wiesel
  • Ellen Wiesenthal
Gabriel Jacoby-Cooper

Thirteen-year-old Gabriel Jacoby-Cooper raised over $9,000 from friends and family for the Child Mind Institute to support our ongoing work aimed at de-stigmatizing childhood mental health and learning disorders. Gabriel said, “I’ve seen firsthand the valuable work that the Child Mind Institute is doing for children everywhere and wanted to support this important cause.”

Supporter ($1,500–$9,999)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Adato
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Adler
  • Cynthia Aiken, Andrea Murray, Sean Brown, Nina Veres, Tamara Lewis-Ibrahim, John Remedies, Hyun Park
  • The Alexia M. Leuschen Charitable Foundation
  • Ann and Steven Ames
  • Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation
  • Virginia and E. James Anthony
  • Ari & Adina Shrage Fund
  • Eric Aroesty
  • Drs. Arleen and Robert Auerbach
  • Larry Bag
  • Robert Baynard
  • BBDO
  • Stacey and Michael Bennett
  • Eric Blumencranz
  • Aryeh B. Bourkoff
  • Brain Goldman, Lanx Management LLC
  • Tory Burch
  • Lisa and Richard Cashin
  • CCS Fundraising/Eric Javier
  • Anna Chapman
  • Ann Clairmont
  • Dana and Michael Cohen
  • Ellen Cohen
  • Robert S. Cohen
  • Samantha and Drew Cohen
  • Brian Cohen
  • Comcast NBCUniversal
  • Jill Davis and Edward Conard
  • Dee and Kevin Conway
  • Roberta and Michael Cook
  • Joan D. Corey
  • Vanessa and Henry Cornell
  • Aisha and Jeffrey Craig
  • Creative Artists Agency
  • Heather and Chris Crosby
  • Bob and Catherine Cunningham
  • Annemarie Iverson and Robert de Rothschild
  • Feroz Dewan
  • Kim and Jordan Dickstein
  • Abigail Disney
  • Robert Dobrish
  • Suzanna and Jacob Doft
  • Cindy and David Edelson
  • Elaine Brown Edelstein
  • Laura Philips and John Elliott
  • Israel Englander
  • Laurel Coben and Travis Epes
  • Eric Blumencranz/BWD Group LLC
  • Michael Esposito
  • James Del Favero
  • Amy and Roger Faxon
  • Shirin von Wulffen and Frederic Fekkai
  • Lisa and Jeremy Fielding
  • Filomen M. D'Agostino Foundation Corp.
  • Lola Finkelstein
  • Carol and John Finley
  • Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Olivia and Adam Flatto
  • Kristen N. Gizzi Flynn
  • Jeanette Lascoumes Friedman
  • Elizabeth and Richard Gallos
  • Gail and Roy Geronemus
  • Lisi and Rob Gheewalla
  • Phoebe and Michael Gistrak
  • Dr. and Mrs. Allan Avi Gistrak
  • Richard Goddard
  • Bari and Neil Goldmacher
  • Stephanie Golfinos
  • Jennifer and Ian Goodman
  • Sara Moss and Michael Gould
  • Steve Green
  • Roberta Greenberg
  • Molly Jong-Fast and Matt Greenfield
  • Marni Gutkin
  • Amy and James Haber
  • Lynn and Martin Halbfinger
  • Patricia Harteneck
  • Healey Family Foundation
  • Woody Heller
  • Elizabeth Gordon and Woody Heller
  • Jeremy Henderson
  • Lucy and Ken Hicks
  • Caroline Miller and Eric Himmel
  • Dr. Shira and Jeffrey Hochberg
  • Jackie Harris Hochberg
  • Jen and Andrew Hoine
  • Ericka T. Horan
  • Avi Horev
  • Hovnanian Enterprises
  • The Howard & Irene Levine Family Foundation
  • Hunt Alternatives
  • Jamie Howard and Robert Huntington
  • Willow Bay and Bob Iger
  • Mel and Barbara Immergut
  • ITG, Inc.
  • Craig Jacobson
  • Gabriel Jacoby-Cooper
  • Corey Jassem
  • Adam Jastzebski
  • Jim Gordon, The Edgewater Funds
  • Joan Zimmerman, Jordan & Jason Sills Foundation
  • John S. and Amy S. Weinberg Foundation
  • John Sykes
  • Tom Cashin and Jay Johnson
  • Sale Johnson
  • Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)
  • Dr. Stephen Josephson
  • Nancy R. Kail
  • Mitchell Karasik
  • Anton Katz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Keenan III
  • Keith and Peggy Anderson Family Foundation
  • Kiwi Partners Inc./Jacquie Holmes
  • The Kleinhandlers
  • The Klinsky Family Charitable Fund
  • Tasos Konidaris
  • Linda Sirow and Harold S. Koplewicz
  • Elizabeth and Ronald Krinick
  • Gordon Kroft
  • Marjorie and James D. Kuhn
  • Kathy and Arthur Langhaus
  • Bonnie Englebardt Lautenberg
  • Sang Lee
  • Anki Leeds
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard LeFrak
  • Leslee Dart & Michael Leon
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Levine
  • Thad Hayes and Adam Lippin
  • Jennifer and Marc Lipschultz
  • Helga Long
  • Richard Lovett
  • Jessica Lupovici
  • Ninah and Michael Lynne
  • Kelly and Stephen Mack
  • Phyllis and William Mack
  • Nina and Mark Magowan
  • Mandelbaum Foundation
  • Cia and Bob Marakovits
  • Marc Jacobs International, LLC
  • Cindy and Matthew Mark
  • Mark and Anla Cheng Kingdon Foundation
  • Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers
  • Christine Mastro
  • Michael McGinn
  • Elise and Jim McVeigh
  • Robert Menschel
  • Joyce F. Menschel
  • Michael A. Peterson Foundation
  • Jacqueline and Alan Mitchell
  • Jamie and David Mitchell
  • Lori and David Moore
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Emer O'Hanlon and James Murphy
  • Brett M. Bush and Kathleen M. Murphy
  • Brad Needleman
  • Jon Neidich
  • Lori and Todd Newberger
  • Patty Newburger
  • Carol and Frank Nickell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nicotra
  • Susan and Stephen O'Neil
  • Jean Otrakji
  • Gerald Baker Ouderkirk III
  • Heather and Jordan Ouida
  • Craig W. Packer
  • Roxanne and Dean Palin
  • Path Foundation NY
  • Victoria and Jon Patricof
  • Enrico A. Pellegrini
  • Perri Peltz
  • Caroline and Didier Phitoussi
  • Ronnie D. Planalp
  • Elizabeth and Paul Planet
  • The Purnima Puri and
    Richard R. Barrera Family Foundation
  • Kimi and Bill Quinn
  • Heather Randall
  • Tanya Reed
  • Joseph Peter Riccardo, Jr./Evercore ISI
  • Fernando Rivera
  • Liz Robbins
  • Robert and Arlene Kogod Family Foundation
  • Robert H. Smith Family Foundation
  • Linda and Jim Robinson
  • Rose Family Fund
  • The Rosemont Foundation
  • Tara and Ken Rosenblum
  • Jane Rosenthal
  • Lyn M. Ross
  • Lori Cohen and Christopher Rothko
  • Steven Rubenstein
  • Stephen Rudin, MD
  • Allan C. Ryan IV
  • Michele and Antonio Sacconaghi
  • Wendy and Ian Sacks
  • Bette and Richard Saltzman
  • Carolyn Salzman
  • Noah Sanders
  • Kim Saperstein
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scharf
  • Reka Schmidt
  • Christine and Stephen Schwarzman
  • Gabrielle Shapiro, MD
  • Jessica Shell
  • Boaz and Randi Sidikaro
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sirow
  • Lynn and Richard Sirow
  • Angela Snow
  • Orin Snyder
  • Susan Kurz Snyder
  • Nadia Breuer Sopher and Ed Sopher
  • The Starker Family Foundation,
    Steven and Farrel Starker
  • Colleen and Ehren Stenzler
  • The Sternlicht Family Foundation
  • Beth Rustin and Lee Stettner
  • The Stewart and Constance Greenfield Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cranford Stoudemire
  • Gabrielle and Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr.
  • Stephanie and Christopher Taendler
  • A. Alfred Taubman
  • Fern and Lenard Tessler
  • The Schwartz Family Foundation
  • The TJX Foundation
  • Stephen Tomlinson
  • The Tony Randall Theatrical Fund
  • Kristen and Ken Trombetta
  • Elisabeth and Gareth Turner
  • Ana Saucedo and Peter von Schlossberg
  • Cynthia C. Wainwright
  • Danielle and Tom Walker
  • Christine and David Watson
  • Linda and Douglas Watson
  • Karen Freedman and Roger Weisberg
  • Roberta Wells
  • Larissa Goldston and Joshua Wesoky
  • Lise and Jeffrey Wilks
  • Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and David Wolkoff
  • Janine and Jeff Yass
  • Alan Bell and David Ziff
  • Marlene Hess and Jim Zirin
  • Mortimer B. Zuckerman

Friend ($1–$1,499)

  • AM Venture Management
  • Lisa Abramson
  • Audrey Adams
  • Jeralyn and Lanny Adams
  • Michelle Adato
  • Moira Aitra
  • Kelly and Michael Album
  • AmazonSmile Foundation
  • Nisa and Brad Amoils
  • David Anderson
  • Emily Anderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Araque
  • Srinivas Aravamudan
  • Stacey Ascher
  • Lorinda Ash
  • Dimitrios Athanasopoulos
  • Shelley Avny
  • Howard Axel
  • Ann and Frederic Axelrod
  • Kamel S. Bahary
  • Tanya Baker
  • Allison Baker
  • Margot Baker
  • Kim Baptiste
  • Debora Barney
  • Drs. Christine Bishara and Jon Bass
  • Alexandra and Michael Bassik
  • Eve Becker
  • Jennifer and Michael Beerman
  • Cori and Seth Berger
  • Malaika Amon and Anthony Bergman
  • Darren Berk
  • Mark Berman
  • Tama and Brad Bernstein
  • Alison and Jay Bernstein
  • Vikki and James I. Black, III
  • Rena and Martin Blackman
  • Ellen Rowett Blair
  • Amy Bloom
  • Robi Blumenstein
  • Misty Bonilla
  • Roy Boorady
  • Rafael Borja
  • Ellen Borker
  • Miriam Boublik
  • David Brause
  • Marisol and Richard Brekka
  • Maura Brickman
  • Alison Brod
  • Jerome Bubrick
  • Angela and Jacob Buchdahl
  • Michael Buckley
  • Kristen Burns
  • Terence Byrnes
  • Wendy Lee-Calamera and Pablo Calamera
  • Effie Campbell
  • Judy Capano-Michaelson
  • Nancy and Richard Cardone
  • Kristin J. Carothers
  • Bonnie and Clive Chajet
  • Eugene Chan
  • The Churchill School and Center
  • Glenna and Harold Citrin
  • Amie Clancy
  • Daniel Clark
  • Margaret Clayville
  • Barbara Clement
  • Gregory Clements
  • Gwen and Brett Cohen
  • Rebecca and Jared Cohen
  • Julie Cohen
  • Libby and Rich Cohen
  • Wende Cohen
  • Brian Coleman
  • Rachel and Thomas Cortese
  • Shirley Cox
  • John Crawford
  • Matthew Cruger
  • Brett Dakin
  • The David A. and Shoshanna Wingate Foundation
  • Julie and Gary Davis
  • Linda Davis
  • Christianne Davis
  • Cecile and John de Jongh, Jr.
  • Kathryn Decker
  • Lynette and Jeff deGraaf
  • Wendy Delaney
  • Dr. Adriana Di Martino
  • Alexander Diana
  • Veronica Diaz Rainieri
  • Michelle Dinneen-White
  • Katharine and Patrick Dobbins
  • H. Frank Doroff
  • George and Lee Doty
  • Ryan Dougherty
  • Stephanie Dowd
  • Francee Sugar and Gardner Dunnan
  • Edgewater Markets
  • Natalie Eigen
  • Joan and Alvin Einbender
  • EisnerAmper LLP
  • Jill Emanuele
  • Cristina Estrada
  • John and Deborah Evangelakos
  • Michelle Ewanciw
  • Jonathan Fassberg
  • Geoffrey Feldkamp
  • Hana Field
  • Arthur Finkelstein
  • Dorothy Fitzpatrick
  • Caroline Fleming
  • Anne Flowers
  • Heidi Fordi
  • Jennifer Forlenza
  • Mary Alice and Guy Forlenza
  • Susan and Edward Forst
  • Barbara Fox
  • Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox
  • Dennis Freedman
  • Heath Freeman
  • Barbara Freitag
  • Angela Bowman and Corey Freleng
  • Colleen Frey
  • Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg
  • Courtney Friedman
  • Lynn Friedman
  • Bryan Gaffin
  • Julie Brenton and R D Galbraith
  • Orren Alperstein and Seth Gelblum
  • Mia Gerardi
  • Ramzi Ghurani
  • Laurie Giddins
  • Lindsey Giller
  • Lenore and Jeffrey Gold
  • Carrie and Laurence Goldberg
  • Jo Goldfarb
  • Tamara Rosenthal and Randal Goldstein
  • Ashley Goodale
  • Kate Goodman
  • Audrey Goodman
  • Emily and Bill Gottlieb
  • Thomas E. Goundrey, Jr.
  • Carol and Lionel Greenbaum
  • Vivian Greenblatt
  • Marion Greenup
  • Charlie Gross and Kimberly Holly
  • Bruce Grover
  • Valesca Guerrand-Hermes
  • Samuel Guillory
  • Laura Gurwin Flug
  • Ruth and Hal Gutstein
  • Alexia Hamm-Ryan
  • Sheila Hard
  • Myrna K. Harris
  • Kim Hartman
  • Patricia and Fernand Hayot
  • Ilean and Roy Helland
  • Jill Heller
  • Karen Hendricks-Munoz
  • Ellen Herman
  • Cathy Hershcopf
  • Arlene and David Hillman
  • Sarah Hoffman
  • Allison and Jeffrey Horowitz
  • Allison Horton
  • Danielle Houle
  • Nancy Hoving
  • Diana Hsu
  • Natalie Weder and Robert Huntsman
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On The Shoulders of Giants Scientific Symposium

October 9, 2014

2014 Distinguished Scientist Dr. Pasko Rakic was honored for his outstanding neuroscience research, which has provided insight into the possible developmental origins of disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and intellectual disability.

Bloomberg Tradebook Charity Day

October 30, 2014

Celebrity therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer joined Bloomberg employees on the trading desk to raise funds for the Child Mind Institute.

Adam Katz Memorial Conversation

November 6, 2014

Award-winning actress Lorraine Bracco spoke about her experience living with dyslexia and depression.

Fifth Anniversary Child Advocacy Award Dinner

November 24, 2014

Raising over $6.5 million, our annual dinner honored Hillary Rodham Clinton with the Child Advocacy Award and Dr. Thomas Insel with the 2015 Distinguished Scientist Award.

Change Maker Awards

May 4, 2015

George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth hosted our first annual Change Maker Awards, where we honored Congressman Tim Murphy, New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray, Bloomingdale’s, Active Minds and Angela Renz for their commitment to creating change in children’s mental health.

Spring Luncheon

May 18, 2015

Featuring journalist Dan Harris, CMI clinician Allison Baker, CMI researcher Cameron Craddock and Gail Saltz (moderator), the luncheon panel discussed the health benefits of mindfulness.